Bell pepper decoring machines

Manual pepper decoring is a time-consuming and therefore expensive process. FTNON Dofra b.v. has developed the PD-6000 bell pepper decoring machine specially for businesses which decore peppers as a standard product. This decoring machine can decore and divide up to 5500 peppers per hour.

bell pepper corer machine PD-6000

For pepper decoring, the Dofra Foodtec range includes the PD-6000 bell pepper decorer machine. This semi-automatic machine can process peppers with a cross-section of 55 to 120 mm. The maximum capacity of the bell pepper corer machine is approximately 5,500 units per hour.

Peppers may be supplied either batch-wise in crates which are placed in the special holders manually, or continuously using an intake conveyor. The peppers must be fed into the bell pepper decorer machine by hand. This process is quick and easy as the intake units open and close automatically.

The PD-6000 bell pepper decorer machine is fitted with the unique Intelligent Customized Decoring system which guarantees a perfect end product that is almost entirely free from loose seeds. If required, the machine can also automatically cut the pepper into two or four segments after decoring. Transport belts are available for automatic removal of the end product and waste.

The PD-6000 can be operated by two people working side by side at the same time. However, it is also suitable for one-person operation. In this case, the maximum capacity of the bell pepper decorer is approximately 2,750 units per hour.

The PD-6000 bell pepper decorer machine is also suitable for dividing and decoring apples, tomatoes and onions.


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Bell pepper processing machinery

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