Carrot processing equipment

    For carrot processing, the FTNON Dofra b.v. range covers all the machines needed by industrial processors. FTNON Dofra b.v. carrot processing machines are suitable for processing baby carrots and normal carrots. Our carrot processing lines are suitable for processing upwards of 500 kilograms of carrots per hour.

    Carrot processing machines

    The FTNON Dofra b.v. product range for carrot processing includes brush washers, barrel washers, dipping tanks, piece cutters, carrot peeling machines, inspection belts and inspection tables, destoners and sliver removers.

    In addition to these basic carrot processing machines, FTNON Dofra b.v. also supplies all the peripheral equipment such as platforms, intake belts, removal belts and transport belts for waste. We manufacture these bespoke systems for specific applications to ensure that you benefit from tailor-made carrot processing equipment which suits your business requirements. Even if you plan to use your processing line for applications other than carrot processing, such as potatoes or beetroot, we can offer the perfect solution.

    All FTNON Dofra b.v. carrot processing equipment is developed using cutting-edge technologies. Our machines are therefore designed to meet the highest standards of durability, hygiene and efficiency. Many years of experience with carrot processing enable us to provide you with extensive advice and support in choosing the right equipment for your specific situation.

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    Carrot processing machinery

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