Gherkins processing equipment

    The largest gherkin processor in the world (over 100 tonnes per hour), and many smaller processors (from 1 ton per hour), all choose sorting and processing lines from FTNON Dofra b.v..

    Whether you want to sort and process gherkins with a diameter of 8 to 25 millimetres or 20 to 50 millimetres, it’s all possible using our sorting and processing lines.

    Gherkins processing machines

    As with all our processing lines, our gherkin processing lines can also be completely tailored to your specific situation. A processing line may include units for the transport and washing of jars, modules for the addition of spices, filling systems and closing machines. 

    As well as gherkin processing lines, FTNON Dofra b.v. also supplies gherkin sorting machines. Sorting lines vary from simple lines with a central supply to lines which include de-leafing units, pre-soak tanks, weighing installations and brush washers. All our lines can include loading and inspection platforms as required. Special sorting units are also possible, for example for sorting samples, for pre-sorting or for the removal of over-sized gherkins.

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    • Augurkensorteerder

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