Mushroom harvesting equipment

FTNON Dofra b.v. has developed a variety of equipment, such as seats for pickers and harvesting wagons, which can greatly reduce the labour costs associated with mushroom harvesting. The range of FTNON Dofra b.v. mushroom harvesting equipment also includes devices which enable pickers to move easily along the trays or shelves, such as the Smart-lorry and the scissor wagon.

Smart mushroom harvasting lorry

The Smart-lorry from Dofra Foodtec was developed not only to considerably speed up inspection and manual harvesting of mushrooms but also to make working conditions more pleasant. Mushroom harvesting is much easier with the Smart- lorry. The platforms on the lorry allow pickers to maintain a good posture while they work, which prevents physical injuries and greatly increases productivity.

While it is in use, the Smart- lorry is suspended from a rail installed above the shelving system. Thanks to its high-quality wheels and bearings, the lorry glides backwards and forwards in a horizontal direction along the growing beds. The lorry may be propelled manually or automatically, depending on the system you choose.

The platform on the lorry has room for one picker and four stacks of punnets. A railing prevents the picker from falling. The picking platform can be fitted with racks to hold a set of weighing scales and punnets. The height of the platform is adjusted by means of an electric motor which is installed on the lorry frame.

The Smart- lorry has removable rechargeable batteries and a removable control box, and the lorry platform can easily be removed from the frame, allowing the platform to be used as a transport trolley. The Dofra Foodtec product range includes a tool for removing the lorry frame from the shelves so that it can be moved between shelving systems and growing rooms. The same mushroom harvesting equipment can therefore be used at more than one location on your mushroom farm.

Scissor wagon

If you can’t use a lorry but still need equipment that will help you to cut the cost of inspection and mushroom harvesting, a scissor wagon is the answer. Like the Smart- lorry, the scissor wagon enables you to move comfortably and conveniently, both horizontally and vertically.

Scissor wagons from Dofra Foodtec are robust, require minimum maintenance, and are available in a version which moves automatically and a version which has to be moved manually. Scissor wagons can easily be moved around your farm. A level surface is essential for safe use.

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