Mushroom growing equipment

    FTNON Dofra b.v. has fifty years of experience in supplying mushroom growing equipment, including mushroom watering systems, growing beds and net washing machines, as well as mushroom harvesting equipment such as scissor wagons and electric-powered hydraulic lifting platforms. FTNON Dofra b.v. invented the automatic lorry-based watering system which is currently the most widely used mushroom watering system worldwide.

    Mushroom processing machines

    With many decades of experience in the manufacture of mushroom growing machines, we are highly qualified to provide you with tailor-made advice about automation solutions for your mushroom farm, enabling you to maximise the benefits from your investment.

    Our products are cleverly designed and manufactured in a modern production facility. We always use top-quality materials to ensure that your mushroom growing equipment gives you many years of service with minimum maintenance requirements. That’s why our mushroom growing equipment has been used on mushroom farms worldwide for the last fifty years.


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