Onion peeling machines

We take in great pride to inform that FTNON Dofra is one of the best onion peeling machine manufacturers. Download our PDF for more information about our onion peeling machines.

Onion peeling machine OP-120

The OP-120 is designed for industrial onion peeling. This onion peeling machine has a capacity of approximately 120 onions per minute. The onion peeler machine can process onions ranging from 55 to 130 mm without having to change the intake chain. Onions from 45 mm can be processed if the specially designed intake chain is installed.

The OP 120 onion peeler machine has an automatic supply belt which transports the onions as far as the intake chain. The onions must be correctly positioned by an operator. After positioning, the onion is topped and tailed. For topping and tailing, the onion peeler machine automatically adjusts the distance between the blades to the diameter of each individual onion. This minimises cutting losses.

After topping and tailing, the peel is removed. The onion rotates along a blade and the peel is then blown away. Magnets are used to rotate the onion. This patented system has reduced the number of moving parts in the onion peeler by more than half. As a result, the machine is easy to clean and maintenance costs are just a fraction of those of a conventional onion peeling machine.

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