Onion slicer machines

We have a complete range of high technology onion slicer machines. Download our PDF for more information about our onion slicer machines.

Onion slicer machine MVC-4500

The MVC-4500 is a multifunctional vegetable slicing machine which is also suitable for slicing onions into rings. The peeled onions are fed into the machine by hand. This process is safe and easy thanks to the specially designed intake tubes. The machine can be supplied with one, two, three or four intake tubes.

The MVC-4500 onion slicer machine is fitted with an infinitely adjustable knife, giving a slice thickness of 1 mm to 15 mm. A range of other knives can also be fitted to the MVC-4500, making it suitable for dicing onions. The MVC-4500 onion slicer has a capacity of approximately 4500 kilograms per hour.

The entire housing of the MVC-4500 is manufactured from stainless steel. The machine is supplied with two fixed wheels and two swivel castors, making it easy to move. Three knives can be stored inside the housing.

The intake tubes on the MVC-4500 are mounted on a stainless steel plate which can easily be removed from the machine. The knife block is also easy to remove. This makes the machine and its knives easy to clean. The MVC-4500 onion slicer machine is supplied with a control panel for continuous adjustment of the knife rotation speed. 

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Onion processing machinery

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