Onion processing equipment

    Whether you are an onion grower who wants to increase the added value of your harvest or an industrial onion processor, with onion processing equipment from FTNON Dofra b.v. your operation is guaranteed to be efficient and cost-effective. Our range includes all the machines you need for onion processing: onion peelers, inspection tables, dipping tanks, transport belts, hoppers, cutting machines, onion slicer machines, onion decoring machines, etc.

    Onion processing machines

    We can supply standalone machines and complete onion processing lines. Our onion processing equipment is designed to process onions with a diameter of approximately 45 to 130 millimetres. Our onion peelers are also suitable for peeling shallots.

    In addition to peelers, we also supply equipment for further processing of onions. With our equipment, you can also produce onion rings, half onion rings, diced onions and julienne strips.

    All our onion processing equipment is designed and manufactured using the latest technology. Throughout this process, we impose strict requirements to ensure that your machine meets the highest standards of durability. But durability is not our only priority: our machines are also designed so that they need very little maintenance, are easy to clean and produce very little waste during onion processing.


    • Onion processing line
    • Onion processing line
    • Onion processing line
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    Onion processing machinery

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