Potato peelers machines

The FTNON Dofra b.v. range includes four machines for industrial potato peeling: the RDP-3500, the AP-3500, the KP-1500 and the KP-3500. The first two potato peeling machines are carborundum peelers and the last two are knife peelers. Introducing a knife peeler into your potato peeling line will greatly extend the shelf life of your end product. A knife peeler will also improve the appearance of your potatoes.

Abrasive potato peeler machine AP-3500

The AP-3500 abrasive potato peeler machine can process up to approximately 6 tonnes of potatoes per hour. Each roller in the potato peeling machine is driven separately. This ensures that the potato moves through the machine in the optimum way. The peeling rollers are subdivided into sections, so the peeling surface of the potato peeling machine can be fully tailored to your specific situation. The AP-3500 potato peeler is easy to clean and maintenance costs are low.

Potato knife peelers KP-1800 & KP-3500

The KP-1800 and KP-3500 are potato peeler machines which peel the potatoes with knives. The KP-1800 potato peeler has a capacity of approximately 1,800 to 3,000 kilograms per hour. The KP-3500 potato peeler has a capacity of 3,000 to 5,000 kilograms per hour. Both machines are fitted with blades with an extremely long service life: over 4,000 hours! The peeling results are comparable with the results obtained by hand peeling.

The blades are mounted in plates which are specially designed to ensure a smooth product flow through the potato peeler. With the KP-1800 and KP-3500 potato peeler machines you can opt for a completely dry peeling process. However, the product to be peeled can be moistened if required.

potato drum peeler machine RDP-2500

If you want to peel small, round potatoes on your potato peeling line, the RDP-2500 potato drum peeler is the machine to use. In this machine, the peeling rollers are mounted in a round drum which rotates, preventing small potatoes from getting stuck between the peeling rollers. As the drum rotates, the rollers constantly return the potatoes to the peeling process. The peeling rollers can easily be removed from the potato peeler machine for very fast cleaning and maintenance. 

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